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Two Car Bombs In Baghdad Kill At Least Six

Two car bombs in Baghdad have killed at least six people.

One attack on July 14 took place in Baghdad's Allawi neighborhood, a predominantly Shi'ite district.

A second vehicle packed with explosives blew up in Baghdad's southeastern Bayaa area.

The blasts come as government forces and allied Sunni tribal fighters try to dislodge militants who seized Duluiyah, some 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, on July 13.

The Iraqi military says it has pushed militants from part of the town, but they remain inside key government offices.

Separately, Iraq's parliament is due to meet again on July 15 after ending a session that lasted just 30 minutes on July 13.

The legislature is under pressure to quickly choose a new speaker of parliament, president, and prime minister following the country's April 30 election.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters