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Delayed Voting Under Way In Two Iraqi Provinces

An Iraqi policeman casts his ballot in Fallujah, in Anbar Province, on June 17, as security forces vote early.
Iraqis in two Sunni-majority provinces are casting ballots in provincial elections two months after most of the country held the same polls.

Some 2.8 million voters in the Anbar and Nineveh provinces are voting on June 20 to elect representatives to provincial council seats.

Twelve of Iraq's 18 provinces conducted their elections in April but voting in Anbar and Nineveh, both in western Iraq, was postponed due to security concerns.

A vehicle ban was imposed in major cities in the two provinces and thousands of policemen have been deployed.

The United Nations reported 17 candidates were assassinated ahead of this year's election, more than half of them in Anbar and Nineveh.

There are 39 seats being contested in Nineveh and 30 in Anbar.

Iraq's northern Kurdish region conducts its elections in September.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP