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Residents Flee Iraq's Fallujah

Al-Qaeda fighters celebrate on vehicles taken from Iraqi security forces on a main street in Fallujah.
Residents continue to leave the insurgent-controlled city of Fallujah for a second day following statements by Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki that government troops will make a concerted effort to rid it of gunmen.

The exodus April 11 comes as insurgents are allowing water to flow freely again through a barrage on the Euphrates River south of Fallujah after closing it to flood areas around the city.

The insurgents largely closed the barrage a week ago to flood upstream areas near Fallujah and disrupt government efforts to surround and retake the city.

Meanwhile, there have been heavy clashes in Ramadi as gunmen have retaken control of a number of the city's districts.

The fighting comes three days after army and police forces pulled back from positions in Ramadi.
With reporting by AFP