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Iraqi Military Says Ramadi Largely Cleared Of Militants

An Iraqi security forces member takes his position with his weapon during clashes with Al-Qaeda-linked militants in the city of Ramadi on February 11.
BAGHDAD -- Iraqi military commanders are saying a new push by their forces into the city of Ramadi has cleared most of the militants from the city.

General Rashid Flayeh said on February 12 that troops backed by helicopter gunships launched an operation into Ramadi in the morning that had "sanitized" most of the city's districts.

General Ismail al-Mahlawi said police units were deploying throughout most of Ramadi.

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant seized large areas of Ramadi and other towns in western Anbar Province earlier this year, taking advantage of violence that broke out at the end of last year following the arrest of a Sunni lawmaker and the dismantling of an antigovernment Sunni protest camp in Ramadi.