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Iraqi Shi'ite Pilgrims Attacked, Dozens Dead

Suicide bombings targeting Shi'ite pilgrims on their way to the holy city of Karbala have killed more than 30 people in Iraq.

One suicide bomber set off his explosives near a group a pilgrims in Baghdad's southern district of Dura, killing at least 14 people.

Another blew himself up among pilgrims in Yussifiyah, south of Baghdad, killing eight.

Later, a third suicide bomb attack killed at least 11 in Laitifiya, south of the capital.

Hundreds of thousands of Shi'a make pilgrimages to Karbala every year, many of them on foot, during the 40 days after the annual commemoration marking the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein.

The 40th day, known as Arbain, falls on December 23 this year.

Sunnis consider Shi'a apostates.

Hundreds have been killed in recent months in Iraq in sectarian fighting, while more than 5,500 Iraqis have been killed in attacks so far this year.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP