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Travel Ban Imposed Against Iraq's Parliamentary Speaker, Two Lawmakers

Iraq's judiciary on August 4 imposed a travel ban against the speaker of parliament, two lawmakers, and several other people who have been accused of corruption.

The travel bans were issued against parliamentary speaker Salim al-Juburi, lawmakers Mohammed al-Karbouli and Taleb al-Maamari, and four other people -- including a former member of parliament.

The allegations of corruption were raised in parliament on August 1 by Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi.

Obeidi alleged that Juburi and several other lawmakers were corrupt and had sought to blackmail him.

On August 2, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office said he had ordered a “temporary travel ban” against those under investigation.

But Jurubi denied the allegations and rejected that travel ban against him, saying only the judiciary had the authority to impose such measures.

A judiciary commission is investigating the allegations of corruption made by Obeidi.

Judiciary spokesman Abdel Sattar Bayrakdar said on August 4 that witnesses being called to testify include serving and former officials in the Iraqi government.

Based on reporting by AFP and IRNA