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Six Killed In Iraqi Shooting, Bombing

Iraqi officials say at least six people have been killed in two separate incidents in the capital, Baghdad.

In the first incident on December 29, gunmen opened fire at a militia checkpoint in the Abu Ghraib district, killing four militiamen and injuring three others.

The checkpoint is run by an anti-Al-Qaeda, pro-government Sunni militia known as the Awakening Council.

It was formed by the U.S. military during the height of the insurgency in 2006.

They are seen as traitors by Al-Qaeda and other militant groups in Iraq.

In the second incident, two civilians were killed and eight injured when a bomb went off in Baghdad's Jihad district.

Violence in Iraq has reached its highest level since 2008.

More than 6,750 have been killed in violence in 2013, according to AFP.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP