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Iraqi Government Moves To Diversify Oil Export Routes

Work on a damaged pipeline in Iraq's Al-Basrah province in December
The Iraqi government has adopted plans to diversify the country’s oil export routes to reduce the impact of a potential closure of the Strait of Hormuz on Baghdad's revenues.

A statement from government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the plans include efforts to ramp up exports along a pipeline to Turkey and increase the amount of oil transported by road.

The recommendations also include working to reopen the Banias-Tripoli pipeline that runs from Syria to Lebanon but has been closed since 1990.

Iran has threatened retaliation for new Western sanctions over its nuclear program, including a possible disruption of shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, a main conduit for oil tankers.

Crude oil sales account for the lion's share of Baghdad's government income.

Based on AFP reporting