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Iraqis Repel Militant Attack; Baghdad Market Bomb Kills Four

Officials say Iraqi security forces have killed 15 Islamic militants in repelling an insurgent attack on a northern city.

The French news agency AFP quoted Talib al-Bayati, an Iraqi official in the town of Suleiman Bek, as saying on July 17 that militants from the Islamic State (IS) and some allied Sunni extremists had attacked the town of Amirli the previous day.

But he said Iraqi forces using aircraft repelled the attack and killed 15 gunmen.

Amirli is south of Suleiman Bek, which fell to the IS when it took large parts of northern Iraq last month.

In Baghdad, four people were killed and at least 12 wounded when a bomb hidden in a cart exploded near a Shi'ite mosque in one of the capital's largest markets, Shorja, on July 17.

A medical official in Baghdad confirmed the casualty figures.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP