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U.S.-Led Coalition Hits Islamic State With 22 Air Strikes In Iraq, Syria

The United States and its coalition allies said on August 16 that they conducted 22 air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria over a 24-hour-period.

The Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement that 15 strikes in Iraq were conducted in coordination with the Iraqi government against IS-controlled buildings and equipment, including vehicles, a mortar tube, machine guns, and excavators.

In Syria, meanwhile, three strikes hit a tactical unit and destroyed IS militants' fighting positions, bunkers, and excavators near Hasaka, an IS-controlled town in the country’s northeast, the statement said.

It said that a strike near Aleppo hit an IS tactical unit, while another strike near Kobani, near the border with Turkey, hit a tactical unit and destroyed three fighting positions.

The destruction of the targets "further limits [IS militants'] ability to project terror and conduct operations," the statement said.

With reporting by Reuters