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Israel Calls For Further Investigation Of Iran's Nuclear Activities

Israel called for more investigation after a United Nations watchdog found Iran carried out nuclear bomb development activities through 2009.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency investigation proves beyond any doubt that Iran was operating a secret project to develop a nuclear weapon," using "techniques of fraud and concealment," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the agency's report December 2.

"Israel expects the international community to deepen its investigation...and use all the ensure that Iran is unable to secretly build a nuclear weapon," Netanyahu said.

"Without such an investigation the world will not know how far along the secret Iranian program progressed and what its current status is."

Israel vigorously opposed a landmark nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers in July, contending that Iran was lying when it insisted it was only interested in peaceful nuclear pursuits.

While global powers agreed that Iran was trying to develop a bomb, they said the nuclear agreement was the best way of preventing Tehran from succeeding.

The UN agency found "a range of activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device" through 2009.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and dpa