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European Cargo Vessel Docks With International Space Station

An Ariane-5 rocket blasts off from French Guiana on March 23, carrying the "Edoardo Amaldi" cargo vessel.
The unmanned European Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) space craft docked successfully with the International Space Station (ISS), bringing tons of fuel, water, oxygen, and other supplies to the six astronauts aboard.

The "Edoardo Amaldi" ATV launched from French Guiana on March 23 with almost seven tons of supplies for the ISS.

The "Edoardo Amaldi" will remain docked with the ISS for six months, temporarily providing extra space for the crew aboard the space station and also occasionally firing its rockets to keep the ISS in its proper orbit.

The "Edoardo Amaldi" is the third of five ATVs the European Space Agency has contracts to build for the ISS.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and AFP