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Kazakh Lawyer Jailed For Hitting Judge With Fly Swatter

A Kazakh court sentenced a local lawyer to three years in jail on July 24 for hitting a judge with a fly swatter.

Yevgeny Tankov was found guilty of "assaulting a judge."

Tankov's mother, Valentina Tankova, told RFE/RL that her son plans to appeal the sentence.

On March 19, Tankov placed two fly swatters from his bag during a trial and put one on the desk of judge Arai Alshynbekov.

He then swat the judge on the head a few times with the other swatter.

The incident was recorded on security cameras and the footage went viral on the Internet.

Tankov, who was arrested the same day, says he offered the judge "a duel with fly swatters" to show that the justice system in Kazakhstan is "a joke."

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