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Kerry To Brief Gulf Leaders On Iran Deal

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit the Gulf Arab states in early August to brief leaders on the Iran nuclear deal and attempt to ease fears in the region.

Kerry met Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir on July 16 in Washington.

"We hope that the Iranians will use this deal in order to improve the economic situation in Iran and to improve the lot of the Iranian people, and not use it for adventures in the region," Jubeir said after talks with Kerry.

He warned that if Iran uses the nuclear deal “to cause mischief in the region we're committed to confront it resolutely."

The Saudi's coolness to the deal apparently prompted the White House later in the day to schedule a meeting between Jubeir and President Barack Obama on July 17.

Kerry vowed the United States will help its allies in the Sunni-dominated Arab states against any Iranian-supported unrest.

Shi'ite Iran is accused of supporting Huthi Shi’ite rebels in Yemen as they battle forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansur Hadi, who is exiled in Saudi Arabia.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP