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Kerry Meets With Zarif At UN

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the UN General Assembly in an effort to open dialogue on the crises in Syria and Yemen.

Kerry said on September 26 that he views this week -- with many world leaders coming to the UN -- to be a "major opportunity" for many countries to play an important role in resolving "very difficult issues [of] the Middle East."

He added that "we need to achieve peace and a way forward in Syria, in Yemen."

Zarif said his main focus with Kerry would be the implementation of the historic nuclear deal that curbs Iran's controversial nuclear program in exchange for gradual relief from economic sanctions.

Zarif also mentioned the "the unfortunate developments in Saudi Arabia over the last week," which he said need to be addressed in the "proper international forum."

Earlier on September 26, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Iranian President Hassan Rohani in talks to "contribute to a political settlement of the crises in the region," specifically mentioning Syria and Yemen.

The UN estimates some 250,000 people have been killed in Syria in the four years since opposition forces have been fighting Syrian forces.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters