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Klitschko Says Won't Disperse Maidan

Vitali Klitschko talks with protesters on Independence Square (file photo)
Kyiv's Mayor-elect Vitali Klitschko has told demonstrators gathered on the city's Independence Square that he will not use force to disperse their protest camp when he takes office.

Media reports say Klitschko addressed a crowd of a few thousand people gathered on Independence Square on June 1.

Three months of Maidan protests drove pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych to flee Ukraine in February.

Much of the protest encampment remained even after a pro-Western government took office, with holdout demonstrators calling for the Maidan to continue until the new government implements important reforms.
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Klitschko had earlier called on demonstrators to fold their tents and go home.

Ukrainian media reports said the crowd on June 1 booed Klitschko, cheering only when he said early parliamentary elections were needed.
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