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Kosovo Officials: Egypt Recognized Independence

A worker fixes the national flag of Kosovo to a billboard ahead of Kosovo's fifth anniversary of its independence in Pristina in February 2013.
PRISTINA -- Senior Kosovo government officials say Egypt has recognized Kosovo's independence.

Three senior government officials, including Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj, said on June 26 via Twitter that Egypt "has officially recognized" Kosovo.

The official website of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry carried a statement in Arabic by a ministry spokesman saying Egypt had decided to recognize Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

Its independence is recognized by around 100 countries, including the United States and 22 of the 27 European Union members.

Serbia, and its longtime ally Russia, refuse to recognize Kosovo's independence.

Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi had said in April that Egypt was close to recognizing Kosovo.