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Kurdish Intellectuals Say Life In Iran 'Impossible'

A group of Kurdish intellectuals have released a statement calling for a referendum on Kurdish independence in Iran.

The signatories of the statement -- dozens of Kurdish activists, journalists, and academics living in exile -- say that life for Kurds in Iran has become "impossible" in the face of continuing repression.

The statement comes after several Kurdish parties in Iran, including the leftist Komalah party, recently signed an agreement to hold a referendum for independence, although they did not reveal any details.

Iranian lawmakers have voiced their opposition to the move, saying such a referendum could set a dangerous precedent and lead to the breakup of the Iranian state.

Iran's Kurdish community, which is estimated between 6 million and 7 million people, has long accused the Iranian government of social, economic, and political inequality.

Based on reporting by NNS ROJ and Bezhan