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Kyiv Demonstrators Attack Russian Banks As Ukraine Marks Euromaidan Anniversary

Police inspect the damaged Alfa Bank in Kyiv after the attack.

Nationalist demonstrators have attacked two Russian banks in Kyiv as thousands attended ceremonies in the Ukrainian capital marking the second anniversary of the protests that brought down the Russia-friendly president.

Protesters threw rocks through the windows at the offices of Alfa Bank and Sberbank and ransacked furniture and equipment inside.

Police did not intervene.

February 20 marked the second anniversary of the bloodiest day of the months of protests, which had been sparked by then President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to spurn closer ties with the European Union.

More than 50 people died in sniper fire and fighting with police.

Ukraine now marks the occasion as the "Day of the Heavenly Hundred," which refers to those who died during the protests.

After Yanukovych’s ouster, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and Russian-speaking separatists in eastern regions launched actions that escalated into a war that has killed more than 9,100 people.

Based on reporting by AP and Interfax