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Live Blog: Kyiv Protests Continue As Deadlines Loom

Security forces have begun removing protesters' barricades in Kyiv, while President Yanukovych calls for a "national roundtable" with government and opposition representatives.

Standoff Between Protesters, Police In Kyiv
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Standoff Between Protesters, Police In Kyiv


Final Post (barring major developments)

--December 8 live blog here

-- President Viktor Yanukovych announced he had accepted a plan to hold a "national roundtable" with the opposition. In a statement on his official website, he said he plans on meeting with the three former Ukrainian presidents on December 10.

-- Towards early evening, riot police surrounded several protests encampments near the government quarter, beginning the process of taking down barricades and encampments. Protesters and police are now locked in standoff on several streets.

-- Security forces raided the offices of the Batkivschyna (Fatherland) political party of Yulia Tymoshenko, taking the party's servers. The Interior Ministry issued a statement later, saying they were investigating fraudulent claims to property.

-- The raid and the moves to tear down protest camps have prompted indignation from the West. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden "expressed deep concern" in a phone call with Yanukovych. EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, who is flying to Kyiv on Tuesday, said the events "seriously risk" derailing a chance at compromise.

Glenn Kates
20:30 9.12.2013
Despite the raids, still several thousand on Independence Square.

20:25 9.12.2013
Picture of the night so far. Children and snowmen in the foreground, riot police on the march in the background.

20:17 9.12.2013
The Interior Ministry has released a statement in connection with raids earlier tonight on the building that houses the Batkivschyna party and some opposition media outlets.

The statement says the raid was in reaction to a group complaint that officials from "one of the commercial structures" fraudulently held property belonging to the complaintants -- including a computer -- valued at more than $42,000.
19:54 9.12.2013
Businesses around central Kyiv have reportedly been closed early tonight.

19:52 9.12.2013
Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the Batkivschyna faction in parliament, sarcastically connected today's raid on party headquarters with Yanukovych's proposal for a national roundtable.

"He gave us an invitation to the roundtable through the initiative of the Berkut [riot police] and special forces."
19:33 9.12.2013
Vitaliy Klitschko's 37-year-old younger brother, Wladimir, has been side by side with his brother throughout the protests.

They are both boxing heavyweight champions.
19:28 9.12.2013
More video of clashes this evening. This from from

19:22 9.12.2013
A Batkivschyna deputy.

19:20 9.12.2013
19:05 9.12.2013
Via our Ukrainian Service. New video of riot police and protesters clashing tonight on Luteranskaya street, near the presidential administration building.

Protesters chant: "Don't touch the police! They are waiting for that!"

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