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Kyrgyz Trial Adjourned After Victim's Relatives Attack Defendants

Parliament deputy Sanjar Kadyraliev was shot dead near his home in Bishkek in 2009.
BISHKEK -- The trial of two men charged with killing a Kyrgyz parliament deputy two years ago was adjourned after the victim's relatives and friends attacked the defendants in the courtroom, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reports.

Parliament deputy Sanjar Kadyraliev was shot dead near his home in Bishkek on April 14, 2009. Altynbek Itibaev, one of the defendants being tried on August 1, was arrested about a week later and confessed to shooting Kadyraliev on orders from an unidentified third person.

Muras Matashev, the second defendant, was arrested several months later. The motive for the killing is unclear.

Matashev's brother, Nazarbek Matashev, told RFE/RL that Kadyraliev's sister, Yrgal Kadyralieva, who is a member of parliament, started hitting Matashev with one of her shoes.

At least 15 young men accompanying her then tried to attack the defendants as well.

Nazarbek Matashev said his brother was seriously injured and an ambulance was called to the courtroom. The judge then decided to adjourn the trial.

Meanwhile, Kadyralieva told RFE/RL that the trial was adjourned because Itibaev's lawyer failed to show up in court.

Kadyralieva added that Muras Matashev deliberately injured himself by hitting his head against the bars of the cage in the courtroom in which the defendants were confined.

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