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Kyrgyz Ombudsman Takes Control Of Osh TV Probe

Kyrgyz ombudsman Bakyt Amanbaev
Kyrgyzstan's ombudsman has taken a police probe against a television channel in the southern city of Osh under his personal control.

Baktybek Amanbaev's press service said that the ombudsman had met with editors from Osh TV, as well as with investigators in Osh on February 3.

The television channel, which is believed to be controlled by the city's controversial former Mayor Melis Myrzakmatov, is accused of extremism for allegedly calling for the country to be divided into two states.

Investigators say the calls were broadcast by the channel on the eve of last month's mayoral election, which Myrzakmatov lost.

A probe against the media outlet was launched last week.

Osh TV’s director-general, Ernis Kyiazov, has called the investigation "an attack against freedom of speech."