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Larry King Joins Russia's RT Channel

Larry King (left) interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin for CNN in New York in 2000, at the dawn of what critics deem the era of "Putinism."
Veteran U.S. TV interviewer Larry King is joining RT, the Russian state-funded, 24-hour English-language news network.

RT said on May 29 that it will start airing the online show "Larry King Now" in June.

A new program, "Politics with Larry King," will debut at the same time.

The programs will be recorded in Los Angeles and Washington.

"I would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf," King says in a promotional spot. "That's why you can find my show 'Larry King Now' right here on RT."

"The Wall Street Journal" reported that the "Larry King Now" program was a production of RT's U.S. arm, RT America.

PUTIN IS KING As Far As Larry Is Concerned

The 79-year-old King spent 25 years as the host of "Larry King Live" on CNN before the show ended its run in 2010.

WATCH: RT America's promotional video for the "Larry King Now" show:

Formerly known as Russia Today, the station was established in 2005 as part of a broader attempt by Vladimir Putin's administration to boost the image of the country and of Russians abroad.

In an RT interview in 2011, King described hitting it off famously with Putin from the start. "I can't explain it," he said. "I had an affinity with him. You try to get that with a lot of guests, but I really had it with [Putin]. He has 'it,' whatever 'it' is."

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