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Macedonia Sends Back Hundreds Of Refugees To Greece

Macedonia has sent back hundreds of refugees to Greece, a day after they bypassed a border fence in an attempt to continue their journey to Western Europe.

Interior Ministry spokesman Toni Angelovski told the Associated Press that the migrants "have been returned to Greece."

About 1,500 people pushed their way into Macedonia on March 14 through an unguarded section of the border, frustrated at being stuck for weeks in a muddy tent city outside the closed crossing of Idomeni.

A Macedonian official said 700 migrants who had been detained overnight were deported to Greece through the same location they entered.

WATCH: Migrants Risk River Crossing To Enter Macedonia From Greece (natural sound)

About 14,000 people are stuck in the Idomeni tent city in swampy conditions after days of heavy rain.

Tightening border controls that started in Austria and extended down the Balkan migration route ended in a total border closure last week.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP