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Macedonian Parliament Dissolved Ahead Of Early Election June 5

Macedonia's parliament was dissolved on April 6, ushering in an early election on June 5 that is aimed at ending a political crisis sparked by a wiretapping scandal.

The election is being held two years early under a Western-brokered deal reached last year. The crisis stemmed from opposition allegations that the governing conservatives illegally wire-tapped 20,000 people, including police, judges, journalists, and foreign diplomats.

The 60-day countdown to the election started after Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanoski formally dissolved Parliament before midnight on April 6.

Social-Democrats leader Zoran Zaev said his party won't participate in the early elections because some conditions the left is demanding, such as media reforms, have not been implemented.

The election initially was set for April 24 but Macedonia's main political parties agreed in February to push it back after opposition parties, backed by the European Union and United States, complained that April was too early.

Based on reporting by AP