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Mass Murder Trial Will Continue After Defendant Cuts Himself In Court

Vladislav Chelakh in the courtroom in Taldyqorghan
TALDYQORGHAN, Kazakhstan -- A high-profile mass murder trial in Kazakhstan will continue despite the defendant's attempt to injure himself in the courtroom.

Vladislav Chelakh was able to slash his wrists during the trial in the southeastern city of Taldyqorghan on November 21.

He is accused of killing 14 fellow border guards and a forest ranger in late May while stationed at a remote border post along the Kazakh-Chinese border.

Chelakh initially admitted to killing all 15 people but later recanted. After cutting himself with the sharp edge of his seat, Chelakh was rushed to hospital.

He is reported to be in stable condition.

Judge Erbol Akhmetzhanov ruled after the break that further hearings into the case could be held without the defendant's presence.

Chelakh's trial started on November 19.