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Moldovan Man Convicted In Mistaken Identity Shooting

A Romanian court on January 25 sentenced a Moldovan man to 12 1/2 years in jail on charges of attempted murder stemming from a case of mistaken identity in Bucharest.

Romanian prosecutors said Vitalie Proca gunned down 26-year-old Razvan Isaila in November 2012 in a “mob style hit” in a Bucharest parking lot after mistaking the man for his intended target -- a local criminal boss.

Although shot with a Kalashnikov and a Makarov pistol, Isaila survived.

Proca also is a suspect sought by British police in connection with an armed attack against a Russian banker in east London in March 2012.

That shooting victim, German Gorbuntsov, was shot six times in the stomach but also survived.

Romanian judge Laura Andrei said Proca “will be extradited after serving his term” in Romania.

But Andrei did not say to which country Proca would be extradited.

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