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Moscow Court Orders Jail For Third Suspect In Biryulyovo Rioting

Russian policemen detaining someone near the Biryuza shopping mall in the Biryulyovo Zapadnoye District of Moscow on 13 October.
A court in Moscow has sanctioned the arrest of a third suspect in the rioting that followed an ethnically charged murder in the Biryulyovo district.

The court ruled on October 18 that Andrei Titarenko must stay in pretrial detention until December 13.

Two other suspects were ordered the previous day to stay in jail for two months before their trials.

The three face hooliganism charges.

They were detained for taking part in violent antimigrant mass protests in Biryulyovo on October 13, several days after a Russian man allegedly was stabbed to death by a migrant from the Caucasus.

Police last week arrested Orkhan Zeynalov, an Azerbaijani citizen, and later formally charged him with killing the Russian.

Also on October 18, Azerbaijani police broke up a rally in front of Moscow's embassy in Baku by activists protesting what they called the "violation of Zeynalov's rights by Russian authorities."

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