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Moscow Subway System Employees Sentenced Over Deadly Accident

MOSCOW -- A court in Moscow has sentenced four employees of Moscow's subway system after finding them guilty of violating safety regulations in connection with a 2014 accident that killed two dozen people.

The deputy foreman of the subway railway services, Yury Gordov, was sentenced on November 9 to six years in jail.

Two other employees of Moscow's Metropoliten subway, Valery Bashkatov and Aleksei Trofimov, as well as the deputy director of a state-owned firm responsible for subway repairs, Anatoly Kruglov, each received 5 1/2 year sentences.

On July 15, 2014, three subway cars jumped off the tracks while traveling at 70 kilometers per hour between the Slaviansky Boulevard and Park Pobedy stations in Mocow during morning rush hour, killing 24 people.

The accident was the deadliest in the history of Moscow's subway system, which began operations in 1935.