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Russian Police Say Prepared To Take Measures at Arbat Opposition Rally

An opposition activist is detained by police during a protest demanding fair elections in central Moscow on March 5.
Police in Moscow say they will take any necessary measures in the instance of violations at a critical opposition rally on March 10 in Moscow.

The protest, to be held on Moscow's central Novy Arbat Street, comes nearly a week after an election handed Russia's dominant political figure, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a controversial third term as the country's president.

City authorities have approved the demonstration but limited it to no more than 50,000 participants.

The rally is seen as a test of the enduring appeal of the Russian opposition, which swelled in ranks in the months before the election but may grow weaker following Putin's win.

Police forcibly detained more than 500 people in Moscow and St. Petersburg during anti-Putin rallies on March 5, one day after the vote.

With Interfax and AP reporting