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Nonaligned Nations Denounce U.S. Court Ruling Against Iran

The 120-nation Nonaligned Movement has denounced the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling giving access to $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets to the victims of attacks linked to Tehran.

The movement is comprised mainly of developing countries and is headed by Iran. It called the U.S. court decision on April 23 a violation of international law granting immunity to sovereign states.

The movement's May 5 communique follows Iran's appeal to the United Nations last week to intervene with the U.S. government to prevent the loss of its funds.

The movement warned that the United States' failure to respect state immunity could have "adverse implications, including uncertainty and chaos in international relations."

The court ruled that the families of victims of a 1983 bombing in Lebanon and other attacks linked to Iran can collect nearly $2 billion in frozen funds from Iran as compensation.

The court's ruling directly affects more than 1,300 relatives of victims, some who have been seeking compensation for more than 30 years.

Iran denies any links to the attacks.

Based on reporting by AP and Press TV