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North Koreans Go To Polls: Turnout Will Be 100 Percent, Results Unanimous

North Korean leader casts his vote in a previous election (file photo).

North Koreans are going to the polls -- and turnout of near 100 percent is assured, along with a 100 percent result for the ruling Workers' Party, since it is the only choice available.

The election on March 10 for the Supreme People's Assembly, the country’s rubber-stamp legislature, is the second to take place since leader Kim Jong Un took power.

An election is held every five years in the communist country for the legislature. There is only one approved name on each of the ballot papers.

Voters theoretically could cross out the name before casting the ballot, but that is not known to have happened.

North Korea analyst Fyodor Tertitsky, who is based in the South Korean, told the BBC that if someone were to cross out a name, it would almost certainly lead to the secret police coming for the voter, who would likely be declared insane.

The official KCNA news agency said turnout five years ago was 99.97 percent, with only those who were out of the country or "working in oceans" at the time not taking part.

The vote was 100 percent in favor of the named candidates.

Citizens 17 years of age or older are required to vote.

Based on reporting by AFP and BBC