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Norway Security Chief Quits After Pakistan Agents Disclosure

Janne Kristiansen, outgoing head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (file photo)
Norway’s security chief has resigned after she revealed confidential information, including that Norway has intelligence agents in Pakistan.

The Norwegian Justice Ministry, quoted by Reuters, said in a statement that Janne Kristiansen was resigning because of “the possible breach of confidentiality through the disclosure of classified information.”

In a parliamentary hearing on January 18, Kristiansen said Norway had agents in Pakistan but did not say why they are there.

Norway, a close ally of the United States, has hundreds of troops taking part in the NATO-led operation in Pakistan's neighbor Afghanistan.

Earlier this week, Kristiansen said radical Islamists pose the biggest threat to Norway -- even though it was a right-wing, Norwegian-born extremist who carried out July's twin attacks in the country that killed 77 people and shocked the nation.

compiled from agency reports