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Note To Power Vertical Followers

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the Power Vertical's regular schedule will be disrupted until October 31 as I will be on the road for three weeks attending conferences in the United States and Europe.

The good news is that The Power Vertical will not go entirely dark during this period. I have prerecorded a special six-part Daily Vertical series -- Vladimir Putin And The Ghosts Of Kremlins Past -- that will run from October 10 until October 17.

I also plan to record a special Power Vertical Podcast from the Warsaw Security Forum, where I will be a speaker. That podcast will air on October 28.

Time permitting, I will also try to blog periodically from the road.

What that means is that The Daily Vertical will not appear between October 18 and October 28. The Daily Vertical will resume its regular schedule on October 31.

The Power Vertical Briefing will not appear for the next three weeks and will also resume on October 31.

The Morning Vertical newsletter will also not appear for the next three weeks and will resume its regular schedule on October 31.

And as noted, The Power Vertical Podcast will resume its normal schedule on October 28.

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