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The Rundown - April 14

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# A U.S. delegation is travelling to Bishkek

Nuclear Summit
# Dana Milbank: “Obama’s disregard for media reaches new heights
# The Washington Post” editorializes

# The Karzai Dilemma” - James Traub, “Foreign Policy”
# A Karzai Walk Balk” - Editorial, “The Wall Street Journal”
# Kabul Nightlife” - Tim McGirk, “Time”
# Bring on Hillary” - Tunku Varadarajan, “The Daily Beast”

# Iran’s Alternate Nuclear Conference” - Barbara Slavin, “Foreign Policy”

# “The New York Times” on the capability and loyalty of the Iraqi Army
# The “Christian Science Monitor” interviews Doug Feith

# The FSB killed 26 and arrested 14 suspects in the Nevsky Express bombing
# Russia’s Encounter with Islam” - Wimbush & Henze, “The Wall Street Journal”
# Why Putin Should Leave” - Vladislav Inozemtsev, “Moscow Times”

Karadzic Trial
# A day of stirring and unsettling testimony in The Hague

Of Interest
# North Korea’s Radio Waves of Resistance” - Peter Beck, “The Wall Street Journal”
# How Chinese Web Users Battle Censorship” - Austin Ramzy, “Time”
# Women’s Rights in Egypt” - Rasha Dewedar, “Daily Star”
# The Pope Should Stand Trial” - Richard Dawkins, “The Guardian”
# Jacob Heilbrunn does not think the Pope should be prosecuted

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Obama Puts His Mark On Foreign Policy” - Peter Baker, “The New York Times”
# Thomas Friedman on U.S. policy in Iraq and Afghanistan
# The Price of Assassination” - Robert Wright, “The New York Times”
# When Superpowers Fall” - Kevin Slaten, “The Diplomat”

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