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The Rundown - April 21

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# Kurmanbek Bakiyev is in Belarus

# The murder of Kandahar's deputy mayor shakes the population there
# The Afghan Analysts Network compares U.S. and Soviet state-building in Afghanistan

# Officials say interrogations of Mullah Baradar are yielding valubale information
# "The New York Times" reports on an ideological struggle at the University of Punjab
# "Pakistan's Maturing Democracy" - Meyer-Resende & Roberts, "The Guardian"

# "Iran's Home Movies" - Kayvan Farzaneh, "Foreign Policy"
# A new U.S. military report says the Iranian military's goal is "regime survival" (report here)
# "Setting the Trap on Iran" - David Ignatius, "The Washington Post"

# "Jump-Starting Russia's Protest Movement" - Julia Ioffe, "Foreign Policy"
# "Putin's Midas Touch" - Yulia Latynina, "Moscow Times"
# "Russia and the EU Seek Inspiration in the Past" - Fyodor Lukyanov, "Moscow Times"

# "The National" editorializes on the vote recount in Baghdad
# Ayad Allawi wants a wider recount
# "The Terrorist We Keep Killing" - Bruce Reidel, "The Daily Beast"

Of Interest
# Islam Karimov says Uzbekistan will not mirror Kyrgyzstan
# "Reuters" reports on a journalist being held on treason charges in Transdnestr
# The "Christian Science Monitor" interviews Henry Kissinger
# How the Library of Congress will use the Twitter archives

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Everybody Loves a Winner" - Thomas Friedman, "The New York Times"
# Tony Mauro on Justice's Stevens' decisions on internet freedom
# "Playbook" by Mike Allen
# Embassy Row from "The Washington Times"

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