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The Rundown - August 19

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# "Pakistan Needs Our Help, Now" - Ban Ki-Moon, "International Herald Tribune"
# The "Chistian Science Monitor" reports on a lack of donations from Pakistani-Americans
# "A Lifetime, Washed Away" - Daniyal Mueenuddin, "The New York Times"
# "Pakistan's Epic Flood" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"

# "Danger Room (Wired)" interviews David Petraeus
# "The National" reports on sectarian riots in Afghanistan
# The in-flight magazine for an Afghan startup airline pulls no punches

The last U.S. combat brigade has left Iraq
# James Jeffrey, the new U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, has arrived in Baghdad

# "The Republic of Spies" - Anna Nemtsova, "Newsweek"
# Russia is trying to improve its business ties with Afghanistan
# "Why Russia Matters" - Rojansky & Collins, "Foreign Policy"
# Fyodor Lukyanov on the prospects of Visa-free travel to the EU
# "A Burning Wake-up Call" - Boris Kagarlitsky, "Moscow Times"

# "Tehran Calling" - Michael Saba, "Paste Magazine"
# Christian Caryl does not think Israel will be bombing Iran any time soon

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# 8 American Imams travel to Poland to visit concentration camps
# Fareed Zakaria is leaving "Newsweek" and moving to "Time"
# David Ignatius discusses Barack Obama's diplomacy
# The Pentagon and Wikileaks don't agree on what they haven't agreed upon

From the Blogs
# Gary Milhollin calls a potential Israeli strike on Iran "futile"
# David Hoffman on the fate of Russian scientists
# Jum Glassman's "Ideas in Action" will air Sundays in the Washington, D.C. metro area

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