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The Rundown - January 25

News & views on RFE's broadcast region

# "How Will Putin Respond?" - Simon Shuster, "Time"
# "Do Russians Have a Death Wish?" - Masha Gessen, "Slate"
# Owen Matthews and Anna Nemtsova on Russia's decade of terror
# "Terror In Moscow -- Again" - Editorial, "The Wall Street Journal"
# "What Kashin And Medvedev Really Discussed" - Alexei Pankin, "Moscow Times"

# Christopher Parsons on Iran's web surveillance efforts
# "The Myth of Operation Ajax" - Abbas Milani, "National Interest"
# "The Washington Post" editorializes on nuclear talks with Iran

# "Assassins At Large" - Abdul Wahab, "Newsline"
# "Long live Shabana of Swat" - Atiqa Odho, "Express Tribune"
# "Pitfalls Of Self-Importance" - Huma Yusuf, "Dawn"

# The Afghan Parliament will open on Wednesday
# "Bed 18" - J. Malcolm Garcia, "Guernica"
# "Short-Term Thinking And Long-Term Failure In Afghanistan" - Joshua Foust, "The Atlantic"
# "An Uncharacteristically Upbeat General in Afghanistan" - Rod Nordland, "At War (NYT)"

Revolution In Tunisia
# "Democratic Movements" - Steve Coll, "The New Yorker"
# "How Facebook Responded to Tunisian Hacks" - Alexis Madrigal, "The Atlantic"
# "Democracy In The Arab World" - Ömer Taspinar, "Zaman"
# "Tunisia's Revolution Is More Bloody Than Jasmine" - Eric Goldstein, "The Washington Post"

Of Interest
# "A Real-Life Look At The Gulag" - Anne Applebaum, "The Washington Post"
# "Where Have All The Thinkers Gone?" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The Talent Magnet" - David Brooks, "The New York Times"
# Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address tonight

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