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The Rundown - February 9

Russia -- "Petersburg uz" newspaper, undated
Russia -- "Petersburg uz" newspaper, undated
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International Press Review

# "Cairo demonstrators dig in" - WSJ
# The U.S. has specific demands for the Egyptian government
# Arab allies urge the U.S. to take it slow on Egypt
# The NYT does not have high hopes in Omar Suleiman
# Jackson Diehl says the Obama administration could have seen it all coming
# Marc Lynch asks everyone not to lose patience and makes some suggestions
# Human Rights Watch counts over 300 killed after visiting 8 Egyptian hospitals
# Stephen Farrell on "What not to bring to Tahrir Square"

# A reporter's disturbing expulsion from Russia.
# Two top FSB officials were fired yesterday for failing to prevent the Moscow aiport bombing.

# Michael Cohen says Obama's strategy is failing badly
# Hamid Karzai wants to bring a Taliban official being held at Guantánamo Bay prison back to Afghanistan to join in reconciliation talks.
# Joashua Foust agrees with Karzai on the PRTs

# The U.S. is threatening to cancel a high-level meeting to protest Pakistan's continued detention of a U.S. diplomat.

# Mehdi Karroubi says a demonstration planned in Tehran next week is a test both for the Iranian government and its opponents.

Of Interest
# Hugh Miles on the Al Jazeera effect and how Saudi Arabia could be next
# UF Foreign Minister Hague thinks the focus on Egypt and Tunisia could distract from the Middle East peace process
# The new Pentagon National Military Strategy looks at Asia and cyberattacks
# The Koreas have agreed to hold humanitarian talks
# Al Kamen's "In The Loop"

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