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The Rundown - February 24

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Middle East

# "Time" interviews people claiming to be mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi
# The opposition in Bahrain annouces its demands
# Protests have spread to Iraqi Kurdistan
# Saudi King Abdullah promises $35 billion in new subsidies
# "The Wall Street Journal" reports on Egypt's new political parties
# "Al Jazeera And The Arab Awakening" - Chris Bertram, "Crooked Timber"


# Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemns the use of force against protesters in Libya
# "Iran Will Benefit From This Arab Spring" - Suzanne Maloney, "Financial Times"
# "Green Day" - Abbas Milani, "The New Republic"

# "Sergei Magnitsky And The Rule Of Law In Russia" - William Browder
# "Putin The Anti-Reformer" - Yulia Latynina, "Moscow Times"
# "The Guardian" profiles Russian blogger Alexey Navalny
# Anders Aslund on watching Egypt and Libya in Russia
# Timothy Garton Ash on Russia-Poland relations

# Imtiaz Gul on the Raymond Davis saga for "Foreign Policy"
# "Raymond Davis: Getting To Nowhere" - Christine Fair, "Express Tribune"
# "Dawn" reports on Facebook in Pakistan

# "Generals Fear 'The Long Screwdriver'" - Robert Fox, "Financial Times"

Of Interest
# Evgeny Morozov and John Palfrey debate the Internet as a force for democracy
# Anthea Lawson on dictators' foreign bank accounts
# # "Words We Can Use, and Those We Can Not" - Murong Xuecun, "The New York Times"
# Muammar Gaddafi reportedly ordered the Lockerbie bombing

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "In The Middle East Protests, A Seismic Shift" - Fareed Zakaria, "The Washington Post"
# "Obama Is Helping Iran" - Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett, "Foreign Policy"
# The U.S. government will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act

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