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Pakistan Reopens Afghan Border Crossing Following Grenade Attack


Afghan security officials check a man at Torkham border crossing in March following a previous closure.

Officials in Pakistan have reopened the Torkham border crossing with Afghanistan, one day after a grenade attack injured more than a dozen people.

Torkham was reopened on September 16, one day after eight soldiers and a child were injured on the Pakistani side of the crossing and seven people were injured on the Afghan side when an unknown man approached from the Afghan side and detonated a grenade.

Earlier on September 16, hundreds of people, including some needed medical treatment, were stuck at the closed border while security officials from both countries met to discuss the attack and ways to improve security on both sides of the crossing.

Security officials reviewed security-camera footage of the incident during the September 16 meeting.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Security is under control on both sides of the border," a Pakistani official told RFE/RL. He added that border guards were waiting for permission to reopen the crossing from Islamabad.

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