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A voter shows his inked thumb in the Khyber tribal district after casting his ballot.
A voter shows his inked thumb in the Khyber tribal district after casting his ballot.

Live Blog: Pakistan Elections

09:21 11.5.2013
Welcome to our live blog of the national assembly elections in Pakistan. RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal has reporters throughout the country who will be providing live updates from Pakistan and sharing videos, photos, and more.

For the latest, follow this blog or check us out on Twitter. The @GandharaRFE account will be the main source of news and information, but readers can send tips, pictures, anecdotes and anything else they want to share to @RFERL or Zach Peterson (@zachprague) at
09:25 11.5.2013
The first reports of some violence at the polls.
The full statement from the PML-N Facebook page:

We regretfully inform our PMLN supporters that 20 of our workers were shot in Rawalpindi at NA-56 campaign office. They are seriously injured. We pray for their speedy recovery. May Allah bless them. Ameen!

Someone of course was not really happy with the successful PMLN campaign. We strongly condemn this act of terror. We wish & pray for a peaceful election day in Pakistan!!

VOTE!! because Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet!!!
Go PMLN - Sher ka Nishan - Roshan Pakistan
09:38 11.5.2013
The basics, from our election primer:

The 48 million men and 37 million women who are registered to vote will determine who will sit in Pakistan's 342-seat lower house of parliament, the National Assembly. Voters will directly determine 272 of those seats, while 60 seats reserved for women and 10 for minority candidates will be filled based on the proportion of the vote received by their parties.

Voting will take place in about 70,000 polling stations throughout the country, with just under 30,000 of them specifically reserved for women.

Separate votes in the provinces of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan will determine the composition of regional legislatures.

Among the 4,500 candidates participating in the parliamentary elections and 11,000 vying to represent provincial constituencies, winners will be determined by "first past the post" voting.
09:40 11.5.2013
Just 30 minutes into the day, and already a lot messages like this popping up on Twitter.

09:53 11.5.2013
Long queues in Peshawar:
10:00 11.5.2013
We are getting reports that women are being kept from voting in Dir and Laki Marwat -- more on that as we get it.

Yesterday, "Dawn" reported that the Taliban was going to allow women to vote in South Waziristan. From the report:

Sources said the Taliban shura members also held a meeting in Wana on Thursday night and discussed polling arrangements.

“Women can poll vote on Saturday provided that proper purdah arrangements are made in and outside polling stations,” Amjad Wazir, an activist of Awami National Party in Wana by phone.

The committee decided that if anyone tried to disrupt polling process at any polling station in NA-41, South Waziristan Agency, he would be fined one million rupees cash and his house would be set on fire. Electioneering has remained peaceful in Wana so far.
10:05 11.5.2013
10:16 11.5.2013

Our reporters from Bannu covering North Waziristan report: announcements made from loudspeakers from mosques this morning in North Waziristan saying women should not come out for polls today.

10:28 11.5.2013

Tight security at a polling station in Baluchistan

10:31 11.5.2013

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