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Report: U.S. Spies Extensively On Pakistan

The U.S. daily "The Washington Post" reports that leaked intelligence documents show that, for Washington, "no other nation draws as much scrutiny across so many categories of national security" as does Pakistan.

The newspaper said in an exclusive report on September 3 that leaks provided by fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden showed Washington has intensified surveillance of Islamabad's nuclear weapons and is concerned about biological- and chemical-arms sites in Pakistan.

The paper said the leaks indicated Washington also tries to evaluate the loyalty of Pakistani counterterrorism agents recruited by the CIA and that U.S. spy agencies believe senior Pakistani military and intelligence officials knew of, and possibly ordered, a broad campaign of extrajudicial killings of militants and other adversaries.

The leaks do not give the number of extrajudicial killings.

Based on reporting by "The Washington Post" and AFP