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Pilot Error Blamed For Russian Air Crash In Indonesia

Indonesian soldiers and other members of a search-and-rescue team at the location of the Russian Sukhoi Superjet's crash in Cidahu.
Indonesian investigators have blamed pilot error for the crash of a Russian-made Sukhoi passenger jet in May that killed all 45 people aboard.

The Superjet 100's crash into Indonesia’s Mount Salak volcano occurred during a promotional flight to showcase the aircraft for potential buyers.

Indonesia’s national Transport Safety Committee said on December 18 that the Russian pilot appeared to have ignored warnings from the aircraft’s collision-avoidance systems and failed to take action to avert the crash.

The committee’s chief, Tatang Kurniadi, said the crash could have been avoided if the pilot had acted after the first warning.

Russia's ambassador to Indonesia, Mikhail Galuzin, is quoted as saying he believed the investigation was "objective and balanced."

Based on reporting by AFP, dpa, and AP