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Polish Heavy Metal Musicians Fined, Ordered To Leave Russia

Eight members of a Polish heavy metal band have been detained, fined, and ordered to leave Russia.

A court in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg fined each member of the band Behemoth 2,000 rubles ($60) on May 22 and ruled that they had to leave the country as soon as possible for violating visa regulations.

It is not clear what visa regulations the musicians violated.

The musicians were detained in Yekaterinburg on May 21.

The band's leader, Adam Darski, told journalists on May 22 that concerts in Yekaterinburg and Moscow had to be canceled due to the court's ruling.

Darski expressed hope that Behemoth would be able to travel to Russia at a later date.

Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS