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U.S. Spokeswoman Dismisses 'Russian Propaganda Machine'

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki rebukes "Russian propaganda machines" for targeting her personally.
A U.S. State Department spokeswoman has dismissed a campaign to denigrate her personally in Russian media.

Jen Psaki has been targeted by state-dominated Russian media and pro-Kremlin commentators on social media as the United States and Russia trade words over the crisis in Ukraine.

The attacks on Psaki have included altered photo images of her, cartoons, satirical reports, and edited video.

Psaki shrugged off being singled out by what she described as the "Russian propaganda machine", saying she took it as a "badge of honor."

Psaki said the criticism was part of a Russian effort to discredit U.S. officials because "the United States supports a strong democratic Ukraine, along with the majority of the international community and the Ukrainian people."
Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP