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Putin Replaces Mari El Region's Head

Leonid Markelov

Russian President Vladimir Putin has relieved the head of the Mari El region of his duties.

The Kremlin said on April 6 that Putin "accepted" Leonid Markelov's "resignation request" and appointed Aleksandr Yevstifeyev as the region's acting head.

Yevstifeyev, the presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District, will serve as Mari El's acting head until regional elections in September. It is unclear if he will remain as the president's envoy as well.

Markelov, 53, has led Mari El since January 2001.

Putin's order comes two days after he fired the head of the Udmurtia region, Aleksandr Solovyov, after he was arrested on charges of bribe-taking.

Solovyov had led Udmurtia since 2014.

Aleksandr Brechalov, who was the head of the advisory Public Chamber, was named Udmurtia's acting head.