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Report: Khakas Language, Culture Activist Charged With Extremism In Russia

Khakas activist Lidiya Bainova (file photo)

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has reportedly lodged an extremism charge against an activist who promotes indigenous cultures and languages following a post on the Internet.

The news site reported on July 24 that it had obtained FSB documents related to the charge against Lidiya Bainova, an activist in the Khakasia region of Siberia.

The documents show that the FSB has accused Bainova of calling "for violence against [ethnic] Russian people residing in the region."

In a post on the Russian social network VKontakte that went viral earlier in July, Bainova wrote about what she described as racism faced by ethnic Khakas people on their own land on a daily basis.

In her post, Bainova said that her daughter had tried to enter playgrounds and been told by small children that they were "for Russians only."

"At such a moment one wants to make a revolution.... To get back the power, the land for our people! To fight for it! So that we could feel like masters of this place," Bainova wrote.

Khakas are Turkic-speaking indigenous people of Khakasia, making up 12 percent of the region's population of 540 thousand.

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