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Rohani: Iran Seeks Peace But Ready To Deter Attacks

Iranian President Hassan Rohani delivers a speech as part of the annual Army Day military parade in Tehran on April 18.
Iran's President Hassan Rohani says Tehran has no intention of committing acts of aggression but is also ready to defend itself.

Rohani was speaking at a parade to mark Army Day on April 18.

He said that during nuclear talks with six major powers, Iran told the world that "we do not want to attack any country, but we will firmly confront any aggression against Iran."

Unlike his hard-line predecessor Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Rohani did not use his Army Day speech to denounce the United States and Israel.

There has been a thaw in relations between Tehran and the West since Rohani came to power last August.

Under a November preliminary agreement between Iran and world powers, Iran is to scale back its controversial nuclear activities in exchange for some easing of international sanctions.
Based on reporting by Reuters, AFP, and AP