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Romanian Foreign Minister Fired For Offending Protesters

Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi said in a recent blog post that protesters belonged to "violent and clueless slums."
Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc has fired his foreign minister over disparaging remarks made about antigovernment protesters.

Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi, in a blog post last week, said protesters belonged to "violent and clueless slums."

For the past 10 days, hundreds of demonstrators have massed in Bucharest's University Square and other cities calling for the resignation of President Traian Basescu and the government.

The protests were triggered by an attack launched by Basescu on live television against a widely respected health official, who subsequently resigned.

Although the official was later reinstated, demonstrations continued, turning into a protest against bad governance and tough austerity measures.

based on RFE/RL and agency reports